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Analysis of Fahrenheit 451 Essay


What would the world be like if all our accounts of books were taken away and burned? Would this open new ideas for grossing technology, or would this lead to constant rebellion between the government and the people? In the drastic novel Fahrenheit 451, Montag is lost in a world where technology is everything. Hes in a world where thinking is disregarded and where books are obsolete. Without a voice, Montag lives in a society where there is no thought or question. Although he faces many setbacks, Montags struggle to find knowledge in books leads to him opening a new world of knowledge in the story; thus leading him to new beginnings.

In the futuristic world Bradbury creates in Fahrenheit 451, Montag is the protagonist, and his dynamic role leads to him finding knowledge in books. In the beginning of the novel, we see a man constantly swayed by ignorance, and a character who is content on living without knowing. When questioned about his life, Montag refuses to answer due to his lack of knowledge and ignorance. This is portrayed in the following conversation between Clarisse and Montag: Houses have always been fireproof, take my word for it (8). This quote illuminates Montags character, because it portrays that Montag is ignorant and has no common knowledge. Although Montag is swayed by the constant use of ignorance, the bond between him and Clarisse help him change in the story. Clarisse gave Montag this sense of freedom to think and ask questions, and this led to Montag opening his world up for books. This new state of mind Montag developed, helped Montag rebel against ignorance and eventually save books.

Throughout the novel, symbolism was used to help create Montag as a character. Bradbury uses the symbol of fire to describe much of what is happening to the protagonist. Throughout the novel, he depicts himself as someone who is dead. This is portrayed in the quote Granger states to Montag: Welcome back from the dead (150). This quote illuminates the dynamic characters past life. A man that consumes himself with ignorance, and a person who is overwhelmed by his wife, and the constant battle to save books. Montag is an humble character that has to deal with people with suicidal problems, and self-righteous people preventing others from receiving the knowledge from books. The dynamic character is stuck in a life that was chosen by ignorance, and is determined to find a new life through books. In addition, the phoenix that appears often in the novel signifies that Montag's life is finally purified and reborn by the very fire he has been spewing for years. During the course of the plot, Montag evolves from an apathetic, conformist fireman, the very essence of socially acceptable stagnancy, to a new man filled with strong ideals and beliefs. He has a new purpose in life, to preserve books and the knowledge they contain. At the end of the novel, he hopes for the future and no longer dreads the present.

In Fahrenheit 451, we examine a protagonist whose growth and love for books leads him to new beginnings. A life where books are free, and where thinking and questions arent submissive. Montags constant fight and eager determination to save books lead him to a future full of knowledge; a future of new beginnings.

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