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A Walk to Remember Essay


A Walk to Remember begins with Landon Carter at age 57, looking back on his younger years when her was about 17. In Beaufort, North Carolina Landon was known as the popular boy at school and a bit of a trouble maker. Landon hung out with a bad crowd and one night he got in trouble with the law forcing him to volunteer for community service and the school musical. After Landon and his girl friend break up he forced to ask Jamie Sullivan to the school dance, because he has no one else to go with. Jamie is a quite and somewhat nerdy girl. She is very religious and Landon described her as the girl who carries her bible in her bad wherever she goes. Landon asks Jamie if she could help him out with his lines in the school musical since they both have the lending roles. Jamie agree but as long and Landon promised he would not fall in lover with her. Landon said he was sure that that was not going to be a problem. The two spend a lot f time together and sure enough Landon fell for Jamie. It wasnt until the night of the Christmas play that he noticed it, when he unexpectedly and unscripted lend over and kissed Jamie. Landon first told his Jamie he love her when they were on a walk. But Jamie has been living with leukemia for years and is going to die. This news devastated Landon but does not scare him away. Landon spend all of his time with her, making all her last wishes come true. Landon and Jamie even get married. In the end of the novel Jamie dies but will always live in Landons heart knowing that she touched his heart and truly changed him for the better.

I felt very sympathetic for Landon. Even in the beginning Landon wasnt a nice boy he was just caught up in what his friends where doing and trying to be cool, as most people are in high school. Landon didnt know who he really was and Jamie showed him that. She taught him it was okay to be different and not to care about what everyone else thinks. Jamie showed him the important things in life like being kind to someone. When Landon finally realizes this and changes Jamie doesnt have much time to live. But Landon doesnt take it for granted, he was happy even when that little bit of time her had with her. Some strengths that Landon had were that even when he started to loses his cool friends because her was hanging out w. Jamie he still stand by her side because he loved her. He no longer cared about what they were doing or what they had to say. Landon knew what really mattered and they was Jamie. Another strength Landon had was when Jamie told him she had cancer he didnt get weird about it. Sure he was scared but he still stayed strong or her and didnt leave her.

I admired all of Landons strengths. I admire his strength of not caring about what his friends think and listening to his heart. That would of been very hard for me to do especially about a boy. If my friends thought the boy I liked was a loser that would definably think twice. Also i admired how he didnt show Jamie he was scared. If I was in his shoes I would started crying every time I saw her, but her stood strong for Jamie because he knew that would make her upset.

I enjoyed reading this book. I liked the theme of opposites attract and anyone could fall in love. The one thing I didnt like was that Jamie die. I like happy ending and even thought I was happy that Landon changed and was a good person now I would of liked to see them live happily ever after.

A Walk to Remember s already a movie. Shane West played Landon Carter and I think he fit the part of good looking. Hes the kind of actor that can pull of being a bad boy or a gentleman and he did both in this movie. Mandy Moore played Jamie Sullivan and she if this role well because Mandy Moore is a very pretty quite girl. We never really see much news about her as a celebrity because she keeps to her self just like Jamie did in this book. Clayne Crewford plays Landons best friend Dean, who is the lead of all his friends and gets them all to stop being friends with him because he spent all his time with Jamie.

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