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Music as a Common Language in Maestro Essay


Peter Goldsworthys Maestro demonstrates that music is a common language that can act as the sticky glue for developing and maintaining relationships. He attempts to instil this notion within the audience by exploring the relationships that exist between Pauls parents, Paul and Keller, Paul and Rosie and also Paul and the members of the band Rough Stuff. These relationships are constructed as the characters show a common interest in music. Consequently, in this novel, relationships flourish allowing the characters to understand each other in a deeper level, through music.

Pauls parents who are portrayed as polarities in fact lead a happy life together in each others company. This is evident when Paul describes his parents as having different opinions or views about even the most ordinary noun. However their conflicting views do not act as a barrier for their happiness. In fact, Paul suggests that their differences have been proven insignificant in the light of music. Even though Pauls father appreciates music in a different way than Pauls mother, who makes more mistakes but in the end has more fun, it is this common sense of passion that runs between these polarities that unites them and bind them together spiritually and emotionally.

The very beginning of the relationship that blossoms between Paul and Rosie, the other smart kid, can be attributed to their shared interest in music. Although Rosie is not initially admired by Paul, Rosies persistence in wanting to learn music allows Paul to take on a teacher role. Consequently, Rosies company during every lunch time with Paul strengthens their relationship gradually. Although Paul does not feel the love or lust for Rosie until they sit pressing thigh, the lunchtime sessions between the two characters seems to serve as the uniting aspect of their relationship. Moreover, it is evident that Rosies interest in music fuels her interest in Paul, whose musical capabilities can only be found in one in a thousand. This suggests that the blossoming of Paul and Rosies relationship took place in the light of music.

Furthermore, one of the most important relationships explored in this novel, is the connection between Paul and Keller. It is clearly evident that this relationship develops due to the opportunity provided by music. Although Pauls initial impression of Keller are associated with arrogance and invulnerability as indicated by the harsh narrative voice, the common goal of musical achievement allows those two protagonists to construct a deeper and more meaningful relationship. This is demonstrated when Paul states that how much I have come to love the man, to depend on him. Their shared interest in music allows this relationship to mature significantly to such an extent where Paul is able to learn invaluable life lessons from his music lessons, such as the self-satisfied go no further and to never trust the beautiful. Likewise Keller also adopts a fatherly figure as the novel progresses. His affection for Paul grows and enables Keller to relate to Paul as his own son. This is illustrated when he is willing to reveal his tragic past. When Keller states I tell this for you, not for me Kellers genuine concern for Paul is indicated. Similarly, Kellers constant advice to Paul, who at the time perceived it as an insult to his musical capabilities, was indeed aimed to indicate the complexity of the world. In this sense, both Keller and Paul strengthen their relationship and change immensely through the path of music. Although as the novel progresses, Paul writes to Keller infrequently and views him a small-town drunk, Peter Goldsworthy clearly indicates their relationship endures as Paul discovers more about Keller in Vienna. This allows Paul to understand Keller more clearly. This is exemplified when he states Perhaps I was mistaken. Perhaps they were not the same man in a sense. As Paul decides to accompany Keller during his final days in Darwin, Paul demonstrates that their relationship has in fact endured and music is a powerful source of influence that has the ability to bind individuals together.

Moreover, Pauls association with the members of the Rough Stuff can also be attributed to their common desire in music. Although Pauls musical abilities lie within the realms of the piano, he asserts that he can play everything. Consequently, he is able to tame the perceived bullies of his school: Jimmy, Scotty and Regie. This is evident when he states that music, the universal common language has come to provide him with the permanent protection in the schoolyard Due to this he is also able to become a member of short-lived band: Rough Stuff. Through his musical talent, he earns respect and admiration from his band, which includes Megan, who in the end presented herself as a disappointment. Nonetheless, Pauls ability to obtain a safe conduct into even the darkest corners of the covered area and become a valid member of the Rough Stuff band is indeed due to the common bond of music.

The novel Maestro demonstrates the life journey of the various characters through the path of music. As an important aspect of the life journey, the characters converge and develop important relationships. The common interest in music binds these characters together enabling them to strengthen their relationship. Consequently, through music, the characters relationship with each other allows them to mature and grow.

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