Summer of My German Soldier Study Guide

Summer of My German Soldier

Summer of My German Soldier by Bette Greene

Summer of My German Soldier is a YA novel that takes place in Arkansas during WWII. It tells the story of Patty Bergen, a twelve-year-old girl with a violent home life who ends up hiding an escaped German POW, Anton. During the summer she houses him, Patty and Anton become close, Anton teaching Patty that she is a person of value, something she has never been able to believe because of her father's abuse. This touching coming-of-age novel explores theme of prejudice, self-esteem, and racism.

The story is told in first-person narrative by a twelve-year-old Jewish girl named Patty Bergen living in Jenkinsville, Arkansas during World War II. The story focuses on the friendship between Patty and an escaped German POW

named Anton. Patty first meets Anton when a group of German POWs visits her father's store. Anton teaches Patty that she is a person of value. In return, she protects Anton by hiding him above her father's garage.

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