Rumble Fish Study Guide

Rumble Fish

Rumble Fish by S. E. Hinton

Rusty-James, runs into his old friend, Steve Hays, at the beach. Five years since they last saw each other. Steve is in college and Rusty is not long out of the reformatory. When Steve looks at the scar on Rusty’s side, Rusty tells him that he got it in a knife fight. Steve remembers. He tells Rusty he was there when it happened. When Steve mentions that Rusty looks just like someone from their past, Rusty thinks he could have been happy to see Steve again if he had not made him remember everything.

Rusty tells his story. At the age of fourteen, Rusty is hanging around Benny’s, playing pool with his friends when he learns that Biff Wilcox wants to kill him. Rusty seems that Biff wants to kill him for the comments he made about a girl named Anita. He tells his friends what he said, and when the gang agrees that Rusty is telling the truth, the notion of fighting aboutit seems silly.

Rusty is back on the beach with Steve, five years later. Steve asks him if he ever went back home after his brother’s death. Rusty says no. Steve invites him out for dinner and tells him where to meet later. Rusty decides that he never wants to see Steve again so that he can start forgetting about Motorcycle Boy.

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