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Don't Look Behind You

Don't Look Behind You by Lois Duncan

Don't Look Behind You Book Summary

This story starts out in Norwood, Virginia. April Corrigan is a 17-year-old girl who is an amazing tennis player with long blonde hair and is referred to as "Princess April." She's generally a smart and nice girl, albeit somewhat conceited.

As the story begins, April is a junior in high school, a hotshot player on her school's tennis team and is dating senior Steve Chandler. Her younger brother Bram is about 9 or 10. One day, April is signed out of school early by her maternal grandmother Lorelei. Her father, who works for an airline, has been testifying in a drug smuggling case involving the airline. Someone shot at him in the courtroom that day. Her FBI agent uncle thinks it would be safer if they were out of their house for the remainder of the trial. He relocates them to a hotel and assigns them a bodyguard.

As the trial goes on, the Corrigans become bored. April is resentful of being away from Steve. When her requests to call him are denied by their bodyguard, she surreptitiously writes and sends him a letter. A few days later, hitman Mike Vamp attempts to break into their hotel room. They are saved, but their bodyguard is killed.

April's uncle arranges for the Corrigans to go into Witness Protection. They are relocated to a small Florida town and advised to remain as anonymous as possible. This, combined with limited finances and a discovery that Steve and her former best friend are dating, makes April even more determined to re-connect with her old life.

Eventually, this becomes too much and she sets out to do so by flying back to Norwood with the intention of living with her maternal grandmother until she starts college. Upon arriving, she discovers that too much has changed for her to go back to her old life and that she may have put her family in grave danger with her actions.

April and her grandmother set out for Florida. On the way back, they suspect they are being followed. They arrive and find the house empty. April's parents, upon discovering her ruse, has left to look for her. Before they can return, Vamp shows up. He reveals to April that he tracked them to the hotel they were staying at before due to her letter to Steve. This helps her realize how much trouble her self-cenlteredness has caused her and her family. She manages to escape from the house. But is caught by Vamp. She hits him over the head with a tennis racket. The blow kills him. Later on, she, her family and grandmother are reunited and they move on with their lives.

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