Criss Cross Study Guide

Criss Cross

Criss Cross by Lynne Rae Perkins

This story takes place in Seldem, during spring. Debbie usually spends time with her four friends, Patty, Hector, Lenny, and Phil. A typical summer for them would be to hang around town, and sit in Lenny's dad's pickup truck, listening to the radio "Criss Cross."

During this summer vacation however, Debbie moved into the front of their family parlor, and she has her own room. She then gets a job helping an elderly woman. She meets her boss' grandson, Peter, and they share a quick, romantic week together. Soon after he leaves back to his town in California. All of the friends go through their own changes throughout the summer and each grow in their own way.

In the end, to tie up their summer, they all have a block party, and are now more mature, and use their new knowledge to move along in life. There is also a necklace that plays a significant part in all of the criss cross moments. It helps the characters in the book to find their true selves.

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