Watchers Study Guide


Watchers by Dean Koontz

Travis Cornell, a former Delta Force operative, feels that his life has become pointless, and is exploring a canyon near his home when he encounters two genetically engineered creatures that have escaped from a top-secret government lab. One, a golden retriever with enhanced intelligence, befriends Travis; the other, a creature known as the Outsider, appears to be trying to kill the dog. After eluding the Outsider, Travis takes the dog home. On discovering the dog's exceptional intelligence, he names him Einstein.

Later, he and Einstein find and rescue Nora Devon in a park, who was being pestered by a sexually offensive man, Arthur Streck. Together they form a trio.

Travis, Nora, and Einstein are soon on the run not only from the Outsider, but from federal agents, determined to track down the lab escapees, and Vince Nasco, a ruthless professional assassin, hired by Soviets to kill several human targets to cover the conspiracy of the two genetically engineered creatures. He wants the dog to trade for a great sum of cash, alone, without any knowledge from the Soviets or others.

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