The Key to Midnight Study Guide

The Key to Midnight

The Key to Midnight by Dean Koontz

The Key to Midnight Book Summary

Lisa Chelgrin is a US Senator's daughter. She has had her entire life erased and true past blocked. Her imposed and new fake identity is named Joanna Rand. A detective, Alex Hunter, is hired to track Lisa down, but finds nothing.

Years later he goes on a vacation and out of the blue finds himself in Kyoto, Japan. He walks into a lounge act and on stage discovers Lisa Chelgrin. Her name is different and she is older, now working as the nightclub owner and singer. Nevertheless the detective knows it is definitely her. He sends for his dead-case file, and his private employed messenger is almost killed delivering it. Someone is watching him and Lisa.

At the same time, a person known as The Doctor (Inamura) is trying to find a way around Lisa's memory block, and he assumes there is a "password" or "pass-phrase" which will remove it and allow access to Lisa's true memories. Under hypnosis, however, Lisa can only repeat the phrase "tension, apprehension, and dissension have begun" instead of answering the questions about her true past. After the first series of events, both of the main characters try to deal with their pasts in order to survive for their future.

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