Dark Magic Study Guide

Dark Magic

Dark Magic by Christine Feehan

Gregori, often called The Dark One, knows he’s very close to turning. He has always known that a child of Mikhail will be his lifemate, so when Raven, Mikhail's lifemate, is attacked, he gives her his blood to build a bond between them. Raven is attacked again while she carries the baby, and Gregori gives blood to the fetus, even communicates with it, further sealing the bond between him and the child.

When Savannah comes of age, she refuses to mate with Gregori out of fear. Knowing he will dominate her life once he takes her, he gives her five years of freedom before he claims her. So Savannah goes to America and becomes an illusionist. But this promise costs him dearly. In case he turns vampire, he appeals to Aidan not to hunt him alone, but to get his brother Julian to join him. After Gregori said this he told Aidan that he would“go to ground” (When a Carpathian shuts down heart and lungs in order to sleep in soil).

The five-year period has passed; Gregori has come to San Francisco, where Savannah has ended her tour to claim her. The bombardment of new emotions prevents him from detecting the presence of a vampire. Before he can stop it, the vampire kills Savannah’s friend Peter and attempts to claim her for himself. Gregori is forced to kill him in front of her. Savannah still refuses to bond with him; however Gregori informs her that there is no choice for either of them.

Knowing that she’s in shock and grief because of her friend, he takes her to his property to heal, intending to complete the mating ritual the next day. However, their closeness is too powerful to ignore and they begin to mate. Unfortunately, Gregori has waited to long and loses control and nearly kills Savannah.It is only her acceptance of him that pulls him back from the abyss.

Now Savannah and Gregori must learn how to live with and love one another while staying one step ahead of the vampires and the human vampire hunting society who have targeted them.

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