Miracles on Maple Hill Study Guide

Miracles on Maple Hill

Miracles on Maple Hill by Virginia Sorensen

Marly, her parents, and her brother go to a place where their grandmother once lived called Maple Hill. There the people are so nice to each other that they know everybody's name, and they are very kind to each other. They help each other when any help is needed. It is unlike the city, where people barely talk to each other and like to gossip behind others' backs. Therefore, it is very easy for people to feel tired and upset. Marly's father is back from the war, suffering from mood swings and depression, and seems to be tired all the time. Lee, Marly's mother, decides to moves to Maple Hill so that her father will not suffer as much as in the city and will be able to get rid of his PTSD. They are supported by a neighbor couple, Mr. and Mrs. Chris, who make their living with maple syrup. Marly and her brother adapt to living in the country very well, and eventually become happier there. Their father's condition also improves dramatically.

When Mr. Chris has a heart attack during sugaring time, Marly's family steps forward to return the kindness that the Chrises have shown them. They collect the entire crop of sap and boil it down, but they are certain that they lack Mr. Chris's deft touch with making syrup. When Mr. Chris is allowed to return home, it is the moment of truth: is their syrup as good as Mr. Chris'? Mr. Chris himself is unable to detect any difference. Marly reflects that the recovery of her father and Mr. Chris, the growing strength of bonds within her family, and the second chances for life and love are the true miracles of Maple Hill.

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