Chinese Handcuffs Study Guide

Chinese Handcuffs

Chinese Handcuffs by Chris Crutcher

Dillon is struggling over the suicide of his older brother Preston. He begins to run marathons to help cope with this loss. He remains friends with his brother's girlfriend, Stacy, and befriends Jennifer, the star of the high school's basketball team.

It is later revealed that the reason behind Preston's suicide is because he raped a young girl at a bar, and because he discovered Stacy was pregnant with his child. Dillon was witness to his suicide, and feels very responsible for his death.

It is also revealed that Jennifer has been sexually abused by her biological father and her step dad. She is afraid to tell that her step dad is abusing her because of threats he has made about the family dog and her sister. She eventually tells Dillon, who promises he will not tell anyone. She later tries to commit suicide because she can no longer stay in the family, and Dillon saves her and gets help for her. Dillon is able to get photographic evidence of the abuse, and uses this to force Jennifer's step dad to leave the state.

Because Dillon helped save Jennifer, he is able to move on from Preston's death.

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