A Yellow Raft in Blue Water Study Guide

A Yellow Raft in Blue Water

A Yellow Raft in Blue Water by Michael Dorris

A Yellow Raft in Blue Water tells the stories of three Native American women over three generations. Ida, her daughter Christine, and her daughter Rayona form the core of the book's narrative about female relationships and the changing of cultural identity over time. Reconciliation is a prominent theme, and each of the three women's stories, told in reverse chronological order, deals with the central characters overcoming conflict within the family and growing closer.

A Yellow Raft in Blue Water Characters

  • Rayona Diane Taylor – a main protagonist; daughter of Christine and Elgin
  • Christine George Taylor – a main protagonist; mother of Rayona
  • Aunt Ida George – a main protagonist; legal mother of Christine
  • Elgin Taylor – Christine's (separated) husband; Rayona's father
  • Lee George – Christine's brother
  • Dayton Nickles – Lee's friend
  • Father Hurlburt – priest at the reservation mission; Ida's close friend
  • Father Tom Novak – assistant priest at the reservation mission.
  • Pauline George Cree – Ida's sister
  • Dale Cree – Pauline's husband; Foxy's father
  • Polly Cree – Dale's mother
  • Buster Cree – Dale's father
  • Willard Pretty Dog – a reservation man and veteran; biological father of Lee
  • Mrs. Pretty Dog – Willard's mother
  • Kennedy "Foxy" Cree – Rayona's cousin; son of Pauline
  • Annabelle Stiffarm – Foxy's girlfriend
  • Clara – Annie's sister; Christine's biological mother
  • Annie George – Ida and Pauline's mother; Lecon's wife
  • Lecon George – Ida, Pauline, and Christine's father; Annie's husband
  • Ellen DeMarco – lifeguard at Bearpaw Lake
  • Mr. and Mrs. DeMarco – Ellen's parents
  • Norman "Sky" Dial – owner of the Conoco gas station near Bearpaw Lake; husband of Evelyn Dial
  • Evelyn Dial – chef at Bearpaw Lake; wife of Sky
  • Charlene – Seattle pharmacist; Christine's friend and neighbor
  • Mr. McCutcheon – Bearpaw Lake maintenance supervisor
  • John, Andy, and Dave – other Bearpaw Lake employees

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