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Darkness of Human Nature in The Cask of Amontillado Essay


The darkness of human nature could lead a persons life miserable

In the short story "Cask of Amontillado", by Edgar Allan Poe the story take place in Italy. The author who is also known as the narrator uses the Italian lifestyle as an advantage to encounter his friend Fortunato for an insult he has done for the narrator long time ago. The narrator brings his friend from the carnival (happy) to the catacombs (dead) to accomplish the murder. Through out the character, irony and conflict the author clearly explains the human behavior such as revenge, betrayal and cruelty.

To establish his idea, the author explains about the revenge throughout the narrators character and conflict. The narrators evil mind makes him take a vowed revenge on Fortunato. "The thousand injuries line 1and I must not line 6.The narrators evil mind which obliges him to vowed revenge on his friend only for an insult that he never reveals to the readers. This passage clearly foreshadows that there is going to be a murder. The narrator has an external conflict about his plan (man verse man). It must be line 10and I have line 38. The narrators internal conflict pushes him doubt of his plan. The narrator kept on repeating I have my doubts because he had a lot of tension that if his plan is going to be successful or not.

Furthermore, the author explains about the human cruelty throughout the narrators character and the irony. The narrator has a cruel mind convinces him do horrible things to Fortunato. I began vigorously line 183 and I reproached line 202. This phrase shows that the narrator wants to kill badly his friend. This evidence shows that Fortunatos insult touched the narrators heart badly. The verbal and dramatic irony shows the narrators cruelty. I continued line 11 and it is farther line 76.The narrator plays many foul jokes with his best friend like he says to observe the white web work. This clearly foreshadows that the narrator is going to trap his friend, but Fortunatos pride didnt let him think about it.

Finally, the author explains the human betrayal throughout the narrators character and irony. The narrators hatred toward his friend makes him to betray their friendship. It was about line 61 and I suffered line 23.This passage shows that the narrator betrays his friendship and brings his friend to the catacombs. The narrator uses Fortunatos trust to accomplish his work. This shows that the narrator is vicious as a snake. The narrators vicious character makes him encounter his best friend only for an insult. The authors verbal and dramatic irony portraits the human betrayal. My dear Fortunato line 29 and I continued line 11. This phrase shows that the narrator is happy to see his friend, but he meant this, because he was searching for him and he finally caught him at the right moment. The dramatic irony shows the narrators evilness because he is smiling in the thought of murdering his friend who is naive.

In conclusion, the short story Cask of Amontillado by Edgar Allan Poe clearly portraits the bad human behavior such as revenge, betrayal and cruelty throughout the character, conflict and irony. I agree with the author that bad human behaviors are bad for a society, because it is a bad example for the future generation. Two months ago, my brother called me a stupid .I was heartbroken and I couldnt control myself. So I decided to take a revenge on him. I stole money from my moms handbag and I blamed my brother for taking it. Few days later, I felt guilty and I told the truth. Since that day, I tried to control my emotions even in the most desperate situation.

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