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Commentary on Because I Could Not Stop For Death Essay


Because I could not stop for Death

Dickensons Because I could not stop for Death is a poem about one womens date with death. He uses the personification of death as a metaphor throughout the poem. This poem gives the reader a different view upon life and death. I agree with the article in that she cannot recognize death, it comes for us no matter where or what we are doing. The article talks about how death is a gentlemen caller. He is very nice and kind, stopping to pick her up. The feeling that God has came to take her to her final resting place.

In this poem, death is personified in the terms of human characteristics. Death, as she describes it, is a man who visits her on a regular basis. The man appears to be waiting for her, almost as if she was not ready, or that it was not her time to go yet. In her everyday lifestyle she was always busy, stating And I had put away my labor and my leisure too (6-7). But seamed to immediately stop what she was doing when he appeared.

She still appears to be distracted by things of the mortal world, simply because she is seeing these everyday images for one last time. In line fourteen, she states that she is chilly, reminding the reader that she is now dead. This House that she passes is a grave, where her soul, being immortal, travels onward to.

Despite her willful and defiant nature, the carriage was taking her to eternity anyway(Engle 3). I do not necessarily agree with this part of the article. I do not feel that she was fighting death once it had come for her. I feel she was embracing the after life, and was taking advantage of her final trip to the after life. This might imply that immortality exists, her soul continues to live. This poem was about Death, what force it has and how one can strive to live.

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