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Humanity in The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Essay


Arent we all Human Beings?

Humanity should be aware of the horrible situations that have happened and are still happening. And this is the main focus of Mark Twain in his well-known novel, The Adventures of Huckle Berry Finn. Twain talks about slavery, racism, right and wrong and the hypocrisy of the everyday civilization as well as many other themes that are very helpful with kids and adults.

This novel teaches everything about racism and slavery together, a problem that was striking society in the moment that Twain published the book. The main character of the book, Huck, creates a strong bond with Jim, a black slave boy thats close to his age. Huck and Jim at first have a quite rough relationship because Huck has always been taught to treat slaves differently. So once he interacts with Jim, he plays pranks on him and leaves him behind.

One time, Huck killed a snake and curled him up on the foot of Jims blanket(45), when Jim got unto bed the snake bit him and he got really mad with Huck. Huck did because he doesnt know any better, he had no education and this led him to mistreat Jim. Do you think public school students should miss receiving this type of novel because it shows what really happened and how society acted towards blacks?

As Huck travels trough the Mississippi River he starts living all kinds of things were he has to choose whether to do the right or wrong thing. The difference here is that he didnt know which was right; he had no knowledge about anything because society of that time was too hypocritical. With time his perception of things changes and he struggles with inner conflicts but he still has a southern mentality.

Now that Huck has moral and he knows how to differentiate good and bad, he discovers the close relationship he has with Jim. Huck says, I knowed he was white inside(230) Huck recognized that Jim and him were just the same, that color doesnt mean they are different. He appreciates Jim for what he is and how he treats him back.

Do you think society should still have the way of thinking it had when Mark Twain wrote this novel? Wouldnt it be a waste to recover from the slave trade and racisms if we still cant handle having a book like this in schools? This kind of novel should be read as a requirement in school because it is the only way that society can advance into a world were equality and moral is the main policy. We need society to change, because this is are subjects that are real, and affect us all as individuals.

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