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Setting in Ethan Frome and Lord of the Flies Essay


Ethan Frome

Things can happen in some cities and the tale of them will be interesting; the same story laid in another city would be ridiculous.

This quote means that if one story was to have happened in one city, and the same thing happened in another city, the outcome of it wouldnt be as unique. Reasons that can affect this could be the environment and the surroundings society that the person is living in. Another reason could be the social life of the town. As I was interpreting this quote, I came to agree with this quote. Two works of literature that sets a good example for this quote would be ETHAN FROME by EDITH WARTON, and LORD OF THE FLIES BY WILLIAM GOLDING.

For Ethan Frome, the setting of this story was probably in the early 1900s in Starkfield, Massachusetts. Where the protagonist was living in a harsh winter season, and how it stopped him from pursuing what he dreamt of most. Because of what happened, it put the protagonist into a situation that hell regret for the rest of his life. The major conflict of this story would be his internal conflict between the protagonist and himself. Whereas the protagonist Ethan Frome has developed a fight with his own conscience, deciding whether or not if he should reveal his love for a girl that he shouldnt love. And by not knowing how to deal with this, the protagonist put himself at risk by following what the society had put him in. If at the beginning Ethan Frome didnt obey whatever the society had expected of him, then he wouldnt have ended up in a marriage to a person that he knows he will never be able to love.

For Lord of the Flies, this storys setting was put in the future where it was put in a deserted tropical island. The major conflict for this story would be between each character and themselves as a whole, where a group of boys encounters the chaos of a lack of civilization. The climax of this story tells us that the beast of which the boys in this story has being always afraid of, was nothing physical rather than their own fears that exists inside each of the boy.

If we were to switch these two stories with each other, then the outcome wouldnt the same. Since in one story, it deals more with what the pressure of society has put upon the characters. Whereas the other was put in a place where there are no societies to put order into the chaos of little boys. So would it be the same if we put Ethan Frome onto a deserted island, a place where he can do whatever he wants? Or would it be the same if those boys are just in a small town like they were before? Would all those stories happen?

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