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Commentary on Lord Of The Flies Essay


Lord of the Flies

A group of British boys were trapped on an island with no signs of other human contacts. The only adult was extremely sick leaving the boys to establish their own rules and enforcing them.

The first set of rules was established by Ralph. These rules were mainly there for their survival. These rules consist of building shelters; keeping the fire going and everyone must help out. But later on, the boys laziness and playfulness caught up to them, and everyone started to slack off. Because of that they missed their chance to go home when a plane flew past them. Ralph was furious. He called another assembly to establish more rules. But this time Jack rebelled against him and his ways. He left the camp with a proposition for the boys that he is going to leading another group that would hunt and have fun instead. Many of the boys deserted Ralphs group.

Later on we see Jacks group become more and more savage. They even attacked Ralphs group to steal Piggys glasses. Before, rules were enforced by the conch, but now the boys have fallen into anarchy. At this point, the sense of civilization that the boys held onto completely disappeared. With nothing to enforce rules the boys are free to do whatever they like.

When Ralph and Piggy confronted Jacks group, Piggy was killed by one of the boys when they dropped a boulder on his head. But Jack didnt want to stop there, he wanted Ralph dead too. He tried to smoke him out by burning down the forest. Ironically it was that same fire which was meant to lead Ralph to his death that saved him. When a British aircraft caught sight of the smoke, they immediately landed on the beach. When the boys saw the military officer, they immediately realized what they have become and what they have done. The military officer walked away to give the boys some time to reflect and let out their emotions.

In this movie, we saw the establishment of rules and the breakdown of civilization that followed because of weak enforcement. Without rules to keep the boys in check, the boys ended up committing multiple murders.

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