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Analysis of Macbeth Essay


Macbeth critical essay.

Shakespears Macbeth explored the theme of ambition amongst other things. This essay will examine whose ambition it was that was the driving force of the play Macbeths or his wife Lady Macbeth- and how that strong ambition resulted in Macbeths tyranny.

Before we even meet Macbeth in the play we can already get a sense of what kind of character he is. The impression we get is that he is this strong, loyal, noble man fighting for his king and country. A brave warrior. Even King Duncan seems to think so as he says what he hath lost, noble Macbeth hath won. This shows Duncan trusts Macbeth to be a good warrior and fight heroically. Macbeth seems to be very respected at this point in the play. He is very loyal to the king and sacrifices his life for the country.

Macbeth had always had a desire to be king I think but meeting the witches made it more realistic for him. It gave him much more hope and makes his desire stronger.

Witch 3: All hail Macbeth! That shalt be king hereafter

Banquo also learnt that his descendants would become kings. Both of them are a bit skeptical about this at first but you sense excitement and anticipation from them.

Macbeth is very fascinated by these prophecies and thats when his desire starts to become more of a plan. The predictions bring him happiness but we can see it also creates inner turmoil as well

The supernatural is urging and tempting Macbeth to do whatever he can to become king.

After Macbeth finds out that Malcom, the son of the king and Prince of Cumberland is next in line to the throne he has to act quickly or he may miss his chance. He is not happy that Malcom is next in line to the throne and knows now that murder is defiantly down the road to becoming king.

Macbeth: The prince of Cumberland! That is a step which I must fall down or else oerleap , for in my way it lies. Stars hide your fires! Let light not see my dark and deep desires

This quote means he knows he needs to murder Duncan and he wants the stars to put out their light so nobody sees his desires.

Macbeth was a bit hesitant and troubled about murder but after Lady Macbeth spoke to him he was going to go through with it. When he was just about to murder King Duncan, a bloody dagger appeared before him pointing to the kings room. It represents the bloody road he is about to go down. Before he was worried about Duncans Murder but he went through with it and after he couldnt even go back into the room, the next day however he kills the guards with even consulting lady Macbeth or thinking about it. Later on in the play Macbeth starts killing innocent people or who he thinks may be a threat to him. It seems as though Macbeth and Lady Macbeth have switched roles somewhere along the play. He no longer even asks her if he should kill this person he just does it.

This also causes him to decent into evil. He doesnt really care about his wife anymore even though its thanks to her he got to be king and kills whoever he wants. I think it is because he thinks he is king that he can do whatever he wants. Be as evil as he wishes. His guilt and conscience get farther and farther back into his mind as the murders go on. He becomes so evil that he even kills his best friend and then women and children.

Macbeth: The castle of Macduff I will surprise; seize upon fife; give to thedge othsword his wife, his babes, and all unfortunate souls that trace him in his line. No boasting like a fool; this deed Ill do before this purpose cool..

This shows he is purely evil at this point.

Lady Macbeths ambition is kind of the same is the same as Macbeths. When she reads the letter from Macbeth telling her about his encounter with the witches about becoming king she fears that Macbeth wont be able to achieve that so she takes matters into her own hands.

Her soliloquy shows she is determined and will even go as far as asking spirits to take away all things feminine from her. She wants to be able to plot and think like a man and be brave enough to go all the way. She wants the milk from her breasts to turn to gall.

She is more ambitious than Macbeth and appears to be mentally stronger at this moment in the play. Her conscience was clear and not troubled by the fact her husband was going to commit treason and she was a part of it. Lady Macbeths determined ambition is what keeps Macbeth on the path to murder and becoming king. It is not until later in the play whenMacbethis evil enough as Lady Macbeth to plan the murder of Macduff's family on his own. However, this ambition he receives all came from Lady Macbeth.

Throughout the start of the play Macbeth is hesitating about killing Duncan. He is confused and is thinking about backing out however Lady Macbeth cleverly manipulates and motivates him to proceed. She calls him a coward and says she wont love him and appeals to his ambitions and desires.

Lady Macbeth: Such I account thy love

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