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Evil in Macbeth Essay


Evils Conscious

As we read Shakespeares Macbeth we are introduced into the many temptations that of which can overcome and torture people today even during our time. In Macbeth we are introduced into two poisons of society, that of which greed and power, and how that can affect every aspect of our lives. Jameson points out the idea to murder Duncan first comes to Macbeth, Lady Macbeth does not incite Macbeth to commit the gratuitous murders(Chapman University) As we continue our studies of Macbeth we see Lady Macbeth who has just been introduced to the nature of power through her husbands plan of murder. During the play we see two roles being discovered; Lady Macbeth, who during the beginning of the play was one of impersonation of evil passions(Chapman University) Whereas Macbeth was introduced as the one that of which conquer power through committing murder. As we continue we see the two different roles start to collide, both overcome with power and greed. Lady Macbeth however I believe, demonstrates evil without a consciousness, as shown how the evil deeds Macbeth and herself have conquered to achieve power haunt Lady Macbeth, but now will never let her rest in peace without justice being served.

In Macbeth, we are beginning to see Lady Macbeth as one who is easily teased by power. With new plans of murder, the passion and corruption beginning to seep through and overtake ambitions of Lady Macbeth to achieve power. As we begin to see the plan take place we are shown the different ways Lady Macbeth and Macbeth continuously switch roles. Lady Macbeth is soon looked upon as the; Look like th innocent flower, but be the serpent undert.(1.5.76-78) Although Lady Macbeth is not thought as a murder but as one who is introduced into the corruption of power and fame. When we continue on into the play however we begin to see Macbeth still itchy for more fame and more power as a thief is itchy for more gold. However, Lady Macbeth is already corrupted from power, is beginning to be haunted by her evil deeds, Out damned spot, out I say (5.1.53-55)

Whenever achieving any power position in evil means there are always consequences to follow, just as whenever we try to take on fate we receive an even severe blow to our future. Just as in Macbeth we see beginning to take place in Lady Macbeth. Lady Macbeth has the position of queen with all under her command. Nevertheless we begin to see, as mentioned in the beginning, her consciousness beginning to haunt the severity of their measures to achieve the positions her husband and herself hold thou esteems the ornament of life and live a coward in thine own esteem.(1.7.43) As we gradually progress into the play we are shown Macbeth sinking deeper into the deception of murder, as Lady Macbeths own guilt pushes her further into despair as fate ironically murders herself into her ultimate ending.

As we near the conclusion of the play we begin to take notice to the characters and how much of the roles between Lady Macbeth and Macbeth have changed. Macbeth is so hungry for greed that he will let no one stop him, just as a lion is hunting his pray, Macbeth is hunting his enemies. However, Lady Macbeth takes on the opposite role one of conscious, one that proves despite ones evilness or determination of daring schemes(39.3.72-80), conscious can overtake oneself and lead to a graver meaning of life. Lady Macbeth wanted to achieve the power they so greedily hungered for, but to achieve in the end what became her ultimate fate, Whats done cannot be undone.(5.2.71) What has been done is through only ones ultimate fate can forever act as a conscious to ones evil deeds. The power of consciousness and feelings of regret and guilt can be a powerful and meaningful action to a person. This shows Lady Macbeth was to soon lose all power she craved for because the feelings alone of guilt can kill a person in it self Out, damned spot, out, I say (5.1.37)

Throughout this play we are never left in the dark in what Shakespear meant of the meaning evil without a conscious as we are continuously being shown the consequences Macbeth and Lady Macbeth in the end ultimately faced. Especially Lady Macbeth, who in the end was the one who accomplished less of the evil deeds as her husband but ultimately suffered the most of the two. In the end we all must face the reality that guilt is the power of all, we must not abuse the power for power turns people to corruption, and corruption leads us nowhere but to suffer the consequences left behind. In Macbeth I believe that Lady Macbeth as my thesis states, evil with a conscious, as Lady Macbeth is proven to show that no evil deed will go unpunished. With the corruption to obtain the ultimate power, that of which can only lead to corruption that can overtake your conscious replacing evil within it, but even evil has a conscious.

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