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Lady MacBeth in MacBeth Essay


Villains play an important role in every story. From comedies to tragedies there always has to be an antagonist. Lady Mac Beth has shown herself to be the true villain of the tragedy where as most see her husband as being the antagonist. Lady Mac Beth is the smart and devious wife who rarely said anything and so was never suspected. She was also shown as being brave and willing to take on the man's job in the family. But, her and Mac Beth's greed lead to their untimely deaths. The horror and suspicion had taken over her body, causing too much pain and guilt.

Lady Mac Beth was two faced she had become too obsessed in her dream of becoming queen, that she was willing to do anything. She was both the evil witch and the loving wife that everyone looked up to and admired. The evil tendencies in her gave her more a role than most women in Shakespearean novels. She was devilish and manipulative, though she got what she wanted, just in an untimely fashion. Her and Mac Beth worked side-by-side they both wanted the throne, because this meant that they would be rulers of all the land. But, there was one obstacle in the way, King Duncan. Mac Beth slain him in his sleep while he was staying at Mac Beth's for the night. When the time had come for Mac Beth to lay the daggers on the drunken Guards he was too scared but Lady Mac Beth was all for it "Give me the daggers. The sleeping and the dead are but as pictures" (2.ii.54). She got to play a role in the murder, she wanted the throne as much as Mac Beth so she was willing to make any sacrifice.

This act insured that they would get the throne, because the king's sons had fled the country so Mac Beth was next in line. The transition to royalty was very easy for the Mac Beth 's. They were onto such a high pedestal that they were allowed to get away with anything, even cold-blooded murder. They threw lavish parties and banquets. Life seemed to be perfect, she received everything that she ever wanted. But, she was breaking down emotionally inside, this was the first time her character flaws had been seen. She kept having dreams about the night they killed the king. This vision kept playing in her head it could not be stopped "The thane of Fife had a wife. Where is she now? What will these hands ne'er be clean" (5.i.30-31), more into her hallucination she went on to say, " here's the smell of blood stillAll the perfumes of Arabia will not sweeten this little hand, oh, oh! (5.i.50-52). This troubled the doctor and the gentle women who were tending to her since they had no idea what she was talking about. While this was happening Mac Beth Killed the whole Mac duff family to insure that the throne would be his for a long time to come.

Lady Mac Beth had come to her untimely demise. Sleep walking and talking in her sleep she had reached the top and had now hit rock bottom struggling just to stay alive. What she really needed was her husband at her side for support. Instead he was out in the fields fighting. Lady Mac Beth died alone at her home deeply troubled. She was the strong one in the beginning but now they had switched positions. Mac Beth is off killing anyone who is a threat while she is remembering past terrible instances. Her last words were "to bed, to bed, to bed" (5.i.66-68), and that is where she stayed. This only accentuates her title as the villain as it seems Shakespeare wanted to isolate lady Macbeth to show how gone she was to the world, how she truly was the villain.

Lady Mac Beth was a strong and determined woman. She seemed to enjoy life. But, it was the evil in her that led to her early death. The play was meant to be very dark and tragic as a tragedy and so it was. Lady Macbeth was evil through the whole play, but was always able to hide it through he mask and died a lonely death that was symbolic for her. Everything that the characters had worked for came back in their faces, and now it haunts them for the rest of their lives

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