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Commentary on Macbeth Essay


MacbethI think Macbeth is about a noble fighter from Scotland called Macbeth who is told by three weird sisters that he will be king hereafter after that he becomes crazed with power, and plots to kill the king, however Banquo his best friend also got told something, that.. Thou shalt get kings, though thou be none. Macbeth also plans to kill Banquo and his son fleance. The themes I believe are Tyranny, masculinity and ambition. I think it would appeal to an audience because it is a horror, and at that moment in time horrors where in high demand because people loved ghosts, witches gory and bloody scenes.At the beginning of the play Macbeth seemed a very noble honest man with not a care in the world, he was obviously a good solider because of General his rank in the Scottish Army. However, after the 3 weird sisters predict his Future He goes a big crazy and is possessed by their predictions and is adamant to make them come true! So ambitious is he, he kills the king in order to get to the throne.Macbeth changes dramatically after the witches prophesies we know this because If shall cleave to my consent, when tis It shall make honour for you. In this Macbeth is bribing Banguo in to helping him in any way Macbeth feels necessary, this tells us that these witches have got to Macbeth and that he is really thinking about what they have said and what they can do to Macbeths image. These predictions could alter both Banguos and Macbeths lives if they come true, so therefore Macbeth who has been predicted being king hereafter plays on the witches prophesiesWe learn in Macbeths convosation with Banquo that Macbeth seems quite rude and seems to control their relationship. Banquo says I dreamed last night of the three weird sisters Banquo is being completely honest and in doing this tells the audience that he regards Macbeth as a very close friend. He also shows that he is an honest character, Macbeth on the other hand replies I think not of them This is a clear lie, as the reason Macbeth has not been able to stop thinking about them, he has thought about them so much that he is willing to kill the king in order to become king, what they predicted! This also shows that he is a liar and his and Banquos relationship means nothing to him. Also due to the witches prophesies Banquo is now a threat to Macbeth because according to the witched prophesies Thou shalt get kings, though be none This prediction gets to Macbeth in a very grave way, Macbeth feels the need to kill Banquo and his son because according to that prediction Banquo will be the Father to kings which is a huge threat to MacbethMacbeth seems mentally unstable towards the end of act two scene one we know this because he starts seeing a floating dagger this dagger is the dagger in which he takes king Duncans life away with. Is this a dagger I see before me the handle towards my hand? Come let me clutch thee This is suggests to us that hes hallucinating and gone a bit crazy, considering this is before he murders Duncan in n attempt to kill the king, this tells the audience that his mental state could be at question.

I think that Shakespeare set the murder of king Duncan off stage because it gives you the freedom to imagine what would have happened, this gives the audience something to think about and created a tense atmosphere. It creates a tense atmosphere because you dont see the murder take place, you only hear what the actors say, so the audience could be a bit apprehensive about the following scene. Because they dont know how King Duncan has died yet or even if he has died yet and it would help them if it all becomes clearer is the scenes to come.We learn that Macbeths relationship with his wife lady Macbeth is not the perfect couple they make it out to be. Lady Macbeth is clearly the dominant character because she seems to be telling him what to do! We know this because Macbeth says This is a sorry sight Lady Macbeth replies A foolish thought to say a sorry sight In saying that she Lady Macbeth is telling Macbeth that his thoughts are foolish and most people would take this to heart and be offended. This shows she has no thought for his feelings, also tells us she has a great ambition to become queen.The relationship between Macbeth and Lady Macbeth changes as act two scene two progresses Lady Macbeth seems to be gaining control and power, we know this because Retire we to our chamber This is telling us she has the upper hand over Macbeth and that she is the dominant figure in their relationship. She is also using a lot of imperatives this shows she is in charge. On the other hand Macbeth seems to be quite scared and worried But wherefor I could not say Amen I had the need for blessing and Amen stuck in my throat the way Macbeth is so worried that he could not say Amen tells us hes worries about the crime he has committed and the consequences, I believe he cant say it because guilt is playing on his mind and in him not being able to say it tells him that he will not be receiving gods forgiveness. And cares about power then their relationship.Macbeth changes dramatically after his first killing, he seems to become more ruthless and more daring to kill. At first when he kills king Duncan he feels guilt and is a bit apprehensive as to commit the murder, however he goes ahead and guilt gets the better of him. As he goes on he becomes more cold-hearted, and only one thing in his mind retaining his title as king.

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