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Marriage in Pride And Prejudice Essay


The Theme of‏ ‏Women and Marriage in "Pride and Prejudice"‎

‎ Pride and prejudice‏*‏‎ is one of the most famous novels in the last of the nineteenth ‎century and the beginning of twentieth century, written by the greatest female novelist ‎Jane Austen. The novel is about the marriage and the financial estate of women in that ‎time.‎

‎ ‎

‎ "It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single man in a possession of a good ‎fortune must be in want of a wife" (Chapter 1).The novel starts with this sentence as ‎an ironic sentence toward the society, because not single men who looking for women ‎to get merry but the poor women looking for rich men to get merry. This extract ‎explains how much women were searching to marry for financial secure marriage ‎and a finical element is important for women.‎

‎ Several marriages take place in Pride and Prejudice. These marriages are ‎Mr.Collins and Charlotte, Lydia and Wickham, Jane and Bingle, Elizabeth and Darcy ‎and Mr. and Mrs. Bennet. Each couple marries for a different reason. Some of these ‎marriages are happy and compatible and some are not.‎

‎ When Collins proposes to Elizabeth, we are introduced to the economic factors

‎ and "the financial elements" as a motive to get married. Collins's reasons to get ‎married at first, he thinks that the clergyman must to get married .Second, the ‎economic motive which is to inherit her father estate" to inherit this estate"(Chapter ‎‎19), after the death of your honored father. Indeed his reasons weren't based on love ‎but on financial which is wrong and irrelevant. He leaves out all mutual affections and ‎personal compatibility which are the main reasons to get married for Elizabeth. As a ‎result, he refused by her. ‎

‎ In contrast, he was accepted by Charlotte when he proposes to her, and their ‎marriage depends on a finical basis. Charroltte, her searching for marriage was clear ‎from the beginning, "If a woman conceals her affection with the same skill from the ‎object of it, she may lose the opportunity of fixing him" (Chapter 6, P. 3- 4,). She ‎declares that she is not" romantic and never was"(Chapter 22, P.20) and "what I want ‎is I ask only for comfortable home" (Chapter 22, P.21). She also, convinced that ‎happiness in marriage is a matter of chance "Happiness in marriage is entirely a ‎matter of chance" (Chapter 28, P13). But she must also wisely be deaf the foolish of ‎her husband"(Chapter 28, P.117-118). Thus their marriage isn't based on love. So, ‎their marriage turns to be a great Failure.‎

‎ Moreover, Mr. and Mrs. Bennet's marriage is greatly failed. They have been ‎married for twenty years. And their marriage was based on her appearance only. And ‎that what makes their marriage failure .After the marriage Mr. Bennet discover that ‎his wife is not intelligence women. Thus he finds refugee in his library and isolates ‎himself from his family. Also, the lack of attention of Mrs. Bennet's to her family has ‎discovered by her in the end of the novel and that what leads her family develop that ‎way.‎

‎ Likewise, the marriage between Lydia and Wikham is an example of a huge ‎failure. It's based on appearances and youthful life. Which is a youthfully marriage ‎and these qualities and love would fade away slowly. Consequently, she becomes a ‎regular visitor to her old sister's home when "her husband was gone to enjoy himself ‎in London or bath". ‎

‎ In contrast of Jane and Bingley's marriage considers as a happy and successful ‎marriage. Because it based on romantic love and they attracted to each other through ‎their appearances. Elizabeth comment on their marriage as a successful one. She says: ‎‎".. really believed all his [Bengley] expectations of felicity, to be rationally founded, ‎because they had for basis the excellent understanding, and super- excellent ‎disposition of Jane and a general similarity of feeling and taste between her and ‎himself." (Chapter 55).‎

‎ The last on is Elizabeth and Darcy's marriage. Their marriage and love isn't based ‎on appearances of each other‏. ‏In the beginning of the novel they were distance from ‎each other because of‏ ‏the prejudice. After series of events which they‏ ‏experienced ‎together lead them to discover and understand each other. The mutual understanding ‎is the base of their relationship. Thus, their marriage is a great successful happy and ‎peaceful. ‎

‎ In conclusion, Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice reveals the different motives to ‎get married.‎

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