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Greed in The Necklace Essay


"The Necklace."

Her greed and weaknesses to her middle class lifestyle. Mathilde Loisel was always dreaming for a better life, these dreams causing her dream of riches making her be away from the realities of life, as she comes back having the greed for more than she has, or can afford because she is dissatisfied with her own middle class life. The greed gives us a sign of her weakness with her dissatisfaction. There being a large difference between her dreams and the realities of life causing her emotional problems with middle class lifestyle and her financial difficulties, eventually the loss of the necklace causes her to change because of her own faults.

In Mathilde's dreams she is happy and rich. When she is not dreaming and back on Earth she craves a luxurious lifestyle and has greed for more than she can have. Mrs. Loisel knows she isnt rich, and cant bear the feeling of not being like her rich friends, making her get away from herself and the real world. In the process making her hate life more. Twisted her greed into jealousy. Instead of her seeing what she has and what she is lucky to have, she only whined and complained. This longing of wealth is showing that it is causing most of her problems. Her want for beauty and glamour, so she ends up borrowing the necklac

The text follows the quote the root of all evil is money, true in Mathilde Loisel's case. She is much centered on herself and getting what she what she ignores, or just doesn't realize how she hurts others. She could love and care for her husband more, but she only sees what he can't provide. Mathilde can't appreciate what she has. Mathilde is ambitious, but doesn't want to work to achieve her dreams. She expects to have it because she simply deserves it. Her greed blinds her by giving her dreams of grandeur, but she can only see what she doesn't and can't have. When, for a night, Mathilde has everything she wants she throws it away by covering up the fact she lost the necklace. Thus, she loses everything to replace that necklace. This loss changes her.

Mathilde Loisel's weakness was a huge set back. The weakness results in the loss of everything she holds close to her. She also loses who she is. Mathilde develops new traits, such as coarseness, loudness, and physical strength. When Mrs. Forrestier saw her, the new Mathilde she goes unnoticed, unrecognized. Mrs. Loisel didn't deserve the hard life she got, but in the beginning had her weakness for wealth and greed did not overcome her she wouldn't have been so disappointed with her life. Then, if her fear of embarrassment on her name hadn't shamed her she wouldn't have lost her good life.

In conclusion, Mathilde Loisel's beginning traits are her dreamy moments, her over ambitious greediness, and her utter weakness for wealth. After the party she changes into a different woman. Inside she is bitter and regretful as ever. Her weakness changed her. Her own dreams held her down to her hard life. Had she not been so selfish and eager for success this horrible life wouldnt have fallen upon her and may have been avoided. Mrs. Loisel could have overcome her horrible nature to be a better person. She may not have deserved the hard life she got but, her lack of happiness caused her emotional problems. Mathilde ended up no longer the elegant person she dreamed of. She transformed herself and she has no one to blame but herself because of her own poor behavior and poor judgment.

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