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Conflict of Beliefs in Things Fall Apart Essay


Things Fall Apart Essay

"That man was one of the greatest men in Umuofia. You drove him to kill himself..."-pg.170. That is what happens when peoples customs and beliefs start to be bullied around and forced to change. This includes peoples religon, politics, and judgement. People should not be forced to believe in something they dont want to. When people start to lose faith in what they believe in things there for start to fall apart.

Before the "white man" came to Umuofia, the clan's religon was strong and everyone knew what had to be done beacause of it. After the "white man" came into the land, the clan started to fall apart because of the religon that they wernt used to because they were basically bieng forced to believe in something that they didnt want to. Some of the clan gave into the "white mans" views on religon and that is why the entire clan started to fall apart. So if the "white man" never came the clan would have still been ok and functional.

Before the "white man" came the clan's judgment was soley based on "the oracle". The Oracle made basically all the decision's of the clan. For example: when Okonkwo had to bring Ikemefuma into his home, The Oracale decided it was time to kill the boy. the oracle also decided to send Okonkwo away for 7 years when he killed a boy in the market. After the "white man" came, a group of people made all the decisions for the clan including punishments, money, awards, etc.

Before the "white man" came the clans politics was basically all the men in the village. There politics was based on what "rank' you were in the village. Having the some of the highest ranks was an honor to have because every one respected you. Ranks were givin based on land, yams, and wives. Only men were considered to have ranks because women in Umuofia were considered nothing. After the "whote man" came politics were again a group of people and they didnt have ranks like the clan had before, just a set of rules and regulations for the poeple within the clan.

When people start to lose faith in the things they believe in, things there for start to fall apart. The clan was better off before the white man came into the village. The clan had no problems with anything and the clan was very strong. Who is anyone to tell someone that what there religon, politics, and judgement is the wrong thing? If people want to believe in something let them believe it nobody has the right to tell someone else that there beliefs are wrong and that they should convert there beliefs. If people want to convert they should be able to do it on there terms without people pressuring them into doing so.

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