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Commentary on To Kill a Mockingbird. Essay


In the story, To Kill a Mockingbird, the person narrating the story is a 6 year old girl named Scout. Scout shows early that she is a great admirer of her family, especially of her brother Jem. She is fascinated with Jem so much that she sits on top of a tree to watch him on the school yard. Scout is able to recognize Jem because he wears a red jacket; in fact, Jem is Scout's best friend.

They spend most of their time together, hanging out and playing games, which makes their relationship really strong. When Scout starts school, she's a little dissapointed that Jem has asked her to keep away from him during school hours.

That summer before entering school, Scout and Jem were hanging out in their backyard, when they noticed the presence of someone else next door. This Stranger was Charles Baker Harris, better known as Dill. Dill was from Meridan, Mississippi, but he was spending his summer at his aunt's house. He would spend every summer at Maycomb from then on. Jem approved of Dill's presence and the three of them started hanging out.

For the three kids, after that day there was a constant routine. Their routine consisted of improving their tree house, fussing, running through their list of dramas, and playing around with characters. But by the end of summer, their repertoire was "vapid from countless reproductions". Therefore, they had to, and did, come up with quite an adventure. To make Boo Radley come out of his house.

The Radley place was a little beyond Jem and Scout's house. The house was low, it was once white with a deep front porch and green shutters, but long ago it had darkened with the passing years. Rain-Rotted shingles drooped all over, and oak trees kept the sun away. On the front yard, Johnson grass and rabbit-tobacco grew in large quantities. The shutters and doors of the Radley house were closed on sundays.

One question definitely comes to mind: Who does live in this house? No doubt it was Boo Radley. According to Calpurnia, "The meanest man ever God blew earth into". Boo was about six and a half feet tall, he had a long scar that ran across his face. His teeth, well, the few that were left, were yellow and rotten. His eyes popped, and he drooled most of the time. At least, that was the description that Jem gave Dill of the man.

One day, Dill dared Jem to make Radley Boo come out. Jem wasn't sure that he wanted to do it because he was afraid something could happen to him. Regardless of that, Dill insisted and Jem finally accepted. But after much thinking, they realized it was too hard to make Boo come out. Dill said it was okay if Jem just touched the house! Jem threw open the gate and sped to the side of the house, slapped it with his palm and ran back past Dill and Scout. Then they followed him safely to their porch, panting and out of breath. Looking back, and smiling at their accomplishment.

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