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Conflict in The Kite Runner Essay


The Kite Runner Essay

With reference to your study of The Kite Runner discuss how conflict is portrayed throughout the novel

The Kite Runner novel is written by author Khaled Hosseini and published in 2003. Excellently written, the book describes a very different type of story about the lives of two boys, who grew up together like brothers but eventually were separated through some very upturning events throughout the novel. It contrasts between moments of hope and moments which seem like all hope could be lost. Using the topic of conflict and atonement, Hosseini displayed how the life of a young Afghan boy, also known as the protagonist Amir, had faced through an event which changed his life forever, including the relationships with him and Hassan, his guilt of not upstanding for Hassan when he was rape, how Babas thoughts about him evolved over time etc, all has revolved him into one result, atonement. Of course, this atonement came through many types of conflicts that Amir faced. Whether it was about his country, his relationships, his status etc, Amirs pain and thoughts eventually remained within his mind for 25 years, especially during the times that he faced powerful conflicts that eventually changed his entire anticipation about Hassan and how his life cold have been different f he knew.

The story of The Kite Runner took place in a very constant amending environment, where Afghanistan faced through some prejudiced circumstances by different groups of corrupt individuals, causes harm to the face of the country. At the beginning of the story, the first conflict that was exhibited was the racial conflict between to ethnic groups of Afghanistan. They were the Pashtuns and the Hazaras. It was exceedingly noticeable by the sort of attitude Asef displayed on Hassan, especially when Amir mentioned how the Pashtuns always treated the Hazaras as slaves and took them as lower class citizens. For Amir, hanging around with Hassan was tough because Hassan was considered as part of the Hazara group. Because Amir was settled in an area surrounded with Pashtuns, Hassan along with his father Ali, were made a mock in every corner they roam. It became very hard for the Hazaras to live in Afghanistan because of the status that they were put to. The Hazaras were also treated like this during the invasion of the Russians. It was noticeable when Hassan was walking with Amir and some of the Russian soldiers stopped then and mocked Hassan about his mother, how they described her as a disgusting and how they raped her in the corner, showing brutal images of sexual intercourse using their hands. A discordant scene of the book occurs to Ali where he is seen tormented by the antagonist Asef, being called through words that stings his very heart and hurts him mentally, due to his physical appearance.

The Kite Runner appears as one heart pounding story, in which events develop into such a thought, the entire perspective of the story completely changes. Such an event took place during the time Amir had decided to visit Rahim Khan in Pakistan. As an old man, Rahim Khan was very feeble and indisposed, due to the fact that he suffered many illnesses throughout his life. But deep within Rahim Khans dotage, humble and solicitous mind remained a secret that changed the entire view of the story. It became a conflict because of what Rahim Kham requested to Amir, a task in which he eventually revealed this secret to Amir. The process began with Rahim Khan speaking about the Talibans, how they conquered the entire Afghanistan and how their blind ideology over false Islamic beliefs have dejected the lives of many innocent Afghans. It was another conflict as the Talibans desires caused agony to many, and those who defy their rules were battered as punishment or executed. Rahim Khan wanted to take it slow, as he knew what happened to Hassan, but planned to make Amir understand the problem step by step. To slowly tell Amir about the task, Rahim Khan

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