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The Character Jane in Jane Eyre Essay


Jane Eyre

Compare and contrast essay

Everyone, throughout life, meets people who may or may not share the same feelings or characteristics as them. Either way, these people can sometimes have a profound effect on ones life. This can happen even when one is trying to avoid certain people. Jane, in the book Jane Eyre by: Charlotte Bronte is a person who did just that, often because she judged them unworthy of her attention. Sometimes, in spite of this, a relationship has budded between Jane and another character before she realizes it and she gets to evaluate just what that means to her in her life. Some of the primary relationships built are that between Jane and Helen Burns, Mrs. Reed and Mr. Rochester. These particular people are the most like her and yet are the most unlike her at the same time, thus, these relationships were built not only from their similarities but also from their differences and all have changed Jane.

Helen Burns was Janes one and only friend at the beginning of the novel. She had a lot in common with Jane but they still had their distinct differences. One of the many things they had in common was they both were never treated right. They were always being teased and pushed around as children by other children and even by adults. This similarity comforted the two girls, because they knew they had each other and that there was someone else out there that felt as they did and who understood them. However, this similarity also brought out one of their main differences which were how they chose to view their situation. Jane would always complain to Helen about her problems, like how Mrs. Reed was so cruel to her and how she favored the other children and always shut her away. Helen, on the other hand, would always look at the bright side of things and never complain because she knew it would get her nowhere. This difference was very helpful to Jane because it made her realize that if she wanted things to change, she needed to do something about it. Finally, they both were very passionate and compassionate people who cared about how others felt. Both of them were also very emotional and all they ever wanted was to be loved. These particular similarities especially aided in them becoming fast and great friends.

The second person Jane can and cannot relate to is Mrs. Reed. Mrs. Reed was a very jealous person and that may have been where Jane got it from because she gets very jealous too. Janes exhibition of jealousy takes place when Mr. Rochester is about to marry Blanch and she starts to snoop around where she has no business. In both their cases the jealousy is not a good thing because it sometimes got into their heads and made them crazy like it did Mrs. Reed. Mrs. Reed was insanely jealous of Jane simply because her husband while on his death bed asked her to make sure Jane is particularly taken care of well. This causes her to treat Jane very cruelly. Also, Jane is a fully honest woman while Mrs. Reed is not. She believes if she tells half the truth she is honest but this is not the case. This difference is extremely important because if one doesnt completely tell the truth then one is living a lie. Finally, Mrs. Reed is judgmental and wouldnt help or accept anyone lower than her class whereas Jane would help anyone struggling no matter what their rank.

The last person who Jane is most interestingly compared to is Mr. Rochester. When they first meet they are two completely different people but when they begin to fall in love with one another they slowly become influenced by the others personality characteristics and emotions. For example, as Mr. Rochester meets and gets to know Jane, he slowly starts becoming passionate. This is very interesting because he has been through some hard times with love which has drained his soul of passion until he meets Jane. Mr. Rochester was rich and Jane was poor. Jane actually worked for Mr. Rochester and because of this he became more caring for other people less fortunate than him. Finally, the thing they had most in common was that all they both ever really wanted was somebody to love them and care for them as someone had a long time ago. When they end up falling in love, their similarities and differences seem to cancel out because they finally have someone that loves them and they give to each other what they have both been denied or lost in the past.

Therefore, one may be able to learn more about themselves when meeting someone new whether it is because they see similar qualities in that other person or very different ones. Jane truly found herself by meeting and getting to know Helen Burns, Mrs. Reed, and Mr. Rochester. According to the results of these particular relationships Jane had, it is easy to see how one should cherish or at least take every chance they get to meet somebody new because if they do their life could surely be changed, and in the end, for the better.

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