Artemis Fowl is a novel about a twelve-year-old boy prodigy named Artemis Fowl, who runs a crime syndicate. After discovering the existence of fairies and decoding their holy book, Artemis manages to kidnap Holly, a crime-fighting fairy, holding her hostage in his mansion and demanding a metric ton of gold as ransom. After various mind-games and tricks with the fairy police who are trying to retrieve Holly, Artemis receives the gold and releases Holly.

Summary of Artemis Fowl by Eoin Colfer

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Review: Their chapter summaries aren't as good as other providers, but PinkMonkey often has interesting insights that aren't mentioned elsewhere on the Internet. For example, they go over literary elements (like setting, conflict, and mood), compare and contrast, and symbolism/motifs. It's a good site if you want to find a unique fact or angle that other students don't know about.